Thank you for visiting my blog. I wanted to create it so that all the people close to me can check in to see what happening in my treatment, and how I'm doing. This doesn't mean that I don't want to hear from you. Please feel free to call, email, text any time. But I apologize if I don't always get back to you. This new cancer journey of mine is a full time job, and I'm doing the best that I can. Please know that your thoughts and prayers mean so much to me...keep them coming! Thank you for all your help and support takes a community, and you have all given us that.
With love and gratitude,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Update

Things have settled down a bit since my last post. The whole brain radiation worked, and things there look good. The new drug combo of Letrozole and Afinitor are keeping things stable in my bones and most of my liver. However, there are 3 tumours that seem to have developed a resistance to treatment, and have grown. So I just finished high dose radiation to one, and am waiting to do radio frequency ablation(RFA) to the other two. I'm feeling ok, other that tired. I'm very thin too, and don't have the energy to do much, so I have to pace my day. The kids got home this week from 3.5 weeks of camp. We had a great visitors day last weekend and loved seeing Camp White Pine for the first time. I'm so happy to have them home though. I hated them being gone, and found the house way too quiet. But they had a great time, and I know it's such a fabulous experience for them. Zach's favorite thing at camp was sailing. So Mark pulled out his laser today, and they're heading down to Scarborough Bluffs this afternoon to try it out. Zoe is just happy to be back with her American Girl dolls, although she told me today that she wants to stay for the whole summer next year...I don't think I could bear it!!! We're hoping to get away in August if we can. A cottage visit, maybe North Carolina to see Wendy, Phil and the kids. But I can't say for sure until I know what's happening with my next liver treatment. Wishing you all a great summer. XOX

Monday, April 29, 2013

Troubled Times

The last two months have been my most challenging yet, both physically and mentally. When I got home from Germany everything got out of control. My brain MRI did not show the results we had hoped for. There were 3 new spots, as well as a few other questionable areas. So the stereotactic radio surgery treatments I received were not keeping up with the cancer. My doctor now wanted to do whole brain devastating and scary. I feel like this has put me in a whole new realm of reality, and it has challenged my optimism. To make things even worse, my bones started to cause serious pain and immobility. They are showing signs of progression. For the first time, I can't do the things I want to, and I really feel like a sick cancer patient. I hate that my kids must see me like this. I've now finished 10 rounds of radiation to my head, one to my shoulder, and five to my hip. There have been minimal side effects other than major fatigue. Oh, and I lost my hair again...third time bald. I've also started a new drug to treat systemically, my bones and liver. I'm on hormone treatment, plus Afinitor, which makes the hormone treatment more effective. Hoping and praying that all these treatments work, and I get another LONG period of stability. I want to thank all the people that helped out during this difficult time, driving kids, walking the dog, getting groceries, and taking me to my endless appointments. We are so grateful to have you all in our lives.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Renewed Energy

My first hyperthermia treatment last week went well. But still my fatigue lingered, and my hemoglobin remained low. So yesterday I got the gift of life...a blood transfusion, 2 bags full! Today I feel like a new person. I have so much more energy, and colour in my skin. All my hesitations about getting blood are gone. It was the best thing I did! Feeling better, with renewed energy, brings better spirits and a new sense of excitement. I can't wait to go home and start living again. But my second big treatment is tomorrow, and discussions are still on about what treatment is next. Home again on Sunday.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Back to Germany again

In January I got very positive scan results. The tumours on my liver shrank by 15%. SHRANK! That's the first time they shrank since the original chemo I had three years ago. So it's very exciting news. The icing on the cake was that my doctor was very impressed, and said that and he fully supports me going back to Germany. Such great news. I feel like my intuition, and my decision to go has been validated. The treatments in Germany seem to be doing great things for my liver. But I have been having frequent pain in my bones, and I'm feeling really tired again. The last few weeks have not been easy. Truth be told, I'm sick and tired of being tired, and in pain...existing, and not living. My friends have been awesome, my kids an inspiration, and my husband a blessing. I am surrounded by love. But this is a difficult journey. If Germany is helping, then off I go again! I arrived yesterday, this time with Sue. I'm so glad to have her here with me, and appreciate that it took a lot for her to get away. It was hard leaving my kids at home for the second time. But knowing that the treatment is helping, and that it's only 2 weeks definitely helps.