Thank you for visiting my blog. I wanted to create it so that all the people close to me can check in to see what happening in my treatment, and how I'm doing. This doesn't mean that I don't want to hear from you. Please feel free to call, email, text any time. But I apologize if I don't always get back to you. This new cancer journey of mine is a full time job, and I'm doing the best that I can. Please know that your thoughts and prayers mean so much to me...keep them coming! Thank you for all your help and support takes a community, and you have all given us that.
With love and gratitude,

Thursday, September 30, 2010

We're gearing up to do the CIBC Run for the Cure this Sunday. Mark and I, Zachary and Zoe will be joined by a bunch of other families from school...thanks are awesome!! Please feel free to visit the site and make a donation to our cause....every little bit counts.

I have a foot update: feet are feeling waaaaay better lately. I stopped the painkiller because I just don't want to be on it all the time. But I also started taking vitamin B6. It has made an unbelievable difference...I don't know why they didn't suggest it at the hospital. No pain this past round.

My eyelashes are growing back!!! I think that's more exciting than my hair, which is now almost an inch long. But its very grey, so I'm planning to colour it soon...shoppers drug mart colour...hardly seems worth a visit to the salon!!

Also, Happy Birthday Jen...all the way down under! Sorry I didn't call you this morning, and now its the middle of the night for you...but I'm thinking of you!

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  1. Hi Gorgeous, I love your blog playlist. Vitamins... who knew they were the key to good health??? hehehehe. I can always tell when I haven't been eating right... it shows up quicker and quicker as we age! Fabulous photo of Zack and Zoe, really cute. Rainy cool Sunday (spring has been inconsistent so far, 25 one day, 15 the next...we even had snow 40 minutes out of the city....sayyywhhhaaaaaat?). Chat soon. Hope the CIBC run went well. x